Our Favorites So Far

  • Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center – One of the most informative sources for all things in happiness research and positive psychology.
  • Center for NVC: Organization Website – Has home, about, connect, and training tabs that offer insight into the extensiveness of NVC
  • Authentic Happiness – An online hub for positive psychology by Dr. Seligman himself, the overlord of positive psychology.
  • Coursera – Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. This is one of our favorite online education resources, and there are many more.
  • TED Talks – You’ve probably heard of TED, and seen some talks, but we would be remiss not to mention it.
  • Wait But Why – A repeat mention from our list of top blogs, because it’s that good.
  • Optimize.me – Brian Johnson has been summarizing world-changing books for decades, and his company’s goal is now to create the greatest wisdom database ever. Competition? 🙂 We love Brian’s work.
  • Conscious Leadership Group – We love their work because of the overlap it has with essential areas of well-being, like Play, 100% Responsibility, Integrity, and more, each of which are one of their own “15 Commitments.”
  • School of Life – Educational videos, books, and articles. School of Life presents life-sized info in a very simple and practical way.

One example of Wait But Why’s charmingly simple, stark, yet deeply insightful illustrations. 🙂

Other Notable Websites

  • Happify.com – “Our vision is to use cutting-edge science and innovative technology to empower individuals to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.”
  • Project Happiness Global – “Empowering people with the resources to create greater happiness within themselves and the world.” They host events and sell happiness related products. They also have a fun days of the week model for following happiness science.
  • LivingMeanings.com – A strong focus on meaning (we like that, of course), presented in the form of fun-to-read articles.
  • GoalCast – A blog site with a focus on meaning and purpose, service a wide audience with a LOT of content. “With over 30M fans and 500M video views a month, Goalcast empowers millions of people to live life with purpose. More than a content production powerhouse, Goalcast connects human beings seeking truth and authenticity.”
  • Mark Manson – worth a duplicate mention from our top blogs, the author of “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” lays out concisely the mechanisms of human behavior and gives advise for living a better life in an approachable way.
  • Scott H Young – Author of the fantastic book Ultralearning, he offers his web visitors many other useful resources, including a useful list of his fantastic essays and articles.

Scott Young’s powerful articles include fun and simple, hand-drawn illustrations.

Bonus: a short story of Hope.

This snippet from The Week summarizes a book about hope in human history.