What is AMeaningOfLife.org?

This website is a compendium of science-based wisdom for living well.
It’s like a Swiss army knife for the skills of life.

Inside, you’ll find hundreds of pages covering a multitude of subjects from across positive psychology.
You’ll find both breadth and depth.

What You’ll Find Here

You can think of A Meaning Of Life as an online resource/manual, in two parts:

The Website

Across this website, you’ll find engaging content to fuel a journey of understanding well-being.

There are overviews, like breakdowns of models, helpful considerations, and collections of content from around the web that inspire contemplation.
And there are in-depth guides on various factors of well-being: “Happiness,” hindrances and enablers of well-being, the importance of meaning in life, etc.

Each subject contains an ordered group of pages that provide reading, resources, and exercises for growth in that area of life.
For example, here is a page map of the Gratitude section, one several dozen of the Enablers:

For some subjects, you will need to become a member to access all of the content.
However, most of the content on this site is free. (**We’re a non-profit!**)

If you’re excited to start exploring but you don’t know where to start, see below for some tips on what to read first.

The Assessment Center

The Assessment Center is an accompanying web app that lets you measure your factors of well-being.

It is the most extensive tool on the web for discovering your personal Strengths, Capabilities, and Growth Zones.

By subscribing and using the Assessment Center, you can measure and track 50+ factors of well-being (and hundreds of subfactors) to clarify your personal journey for a well-lived life.

These two areas of the site help each other shine. Rather than striving to read the website in its entirety (that’d be like reading 50 books), you can use the Assessment Center to point you to what’s most personally helpful.

Like peanut butter and jelly, the two are better than the sum of their parts.

Here’s a video tour of the site and how to use it:

Where Do I Start?

If you’re new here, there are a few great places to start your learning/practice.

First, you can get a bird’s-eye view of well-being by progressing from 1 to 5 through the below steps. Check out each of those pages to build a strong foundation of understanding.

Why Meaning Our Models Happiness Bliss Map Landscape of Meaning Site Tour

You can understand well-being and its parts with just 3 images!!

The Landscape & Cornerstones of Meaning

A metaphor for meaning in life that includes spiritual traditions and relationships.

The Bliss Map

A visual guide for finding the right work for your optimal well-being.

The 4 Elements of Well-Being

A breakdown of the basic ingredients of “happiness.”

Other Ways To Explore the Site

Navigate the site according to your learning style.

Some Other Highlights

If you only do a few other things on this site, here are some recommendations.

1. Watch the intro video.

2. Watch this video from the Happiness as a Hindrance section.

3. Peruse the Enablers of a meaningful life, like GratitudeMindfulness, and many MANY more.