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So there’s this website that lets you measure a bunch of psychological well-being factors in your life to find out where your strengths and growth areas are.

This website is incredible. It’s like if you had a close friend who was a graphic designer, a happiness researcher, and a life coach, and they wrote you a manual on how to live a joyful life.
Check it out!

A Bit Longer:

Need a little more meaning in your life? Check out for science-based wisdom on living your best life.

This cool site breaks down insights from research into practical tips on happiness, gratitude, relationships, personal growth, and more. It’s like an encyclopedia for well-being, crafted with love!

Their Assessment Center evaluates your strengths and growth zones across 50+ factors. Kinda like a Myers-Briggs but for happiness and fulfillment!

If you’re craving more joy and purpose, makes the science of well-being super accessible. Dive in and get inspired to craft a life you love. You got this!

More Depth:

Finding more meaning and fulfillment starts with understanding yourself. That’s why offers science-based wisdom for crafting a full, joyful life.
Dive into their library of in-depth articles exploring happiness, purpose, growth, gratitude, relationships, and more. With both breadth and depth, they distill insights from psychology, philosophy, and scientific research into pleasant reading and beautiful visuals.

Take it a step further with their Assessment Center – an interactive web app that helps you measure over 50 factors of well-being. Discover your strengths, and growth areas, and how to put insights into practice. makes happiness science accessible. Immerse yourself in research-backed methods for living better.
If you want to cultivate more joy, fulfillment, and inner peace, this website offers the wisdom and practical tools to create real change. Visit today and start designing the meaningful life you desire.

Find your happy place with! 😊 Their science-backed tips and quizzes help you craft a life you love. Get insights on gratitude, purpose, relationships, and more to spark joy every day! ✨💕 #wellness #positivevibes #goodvibes

Seeking more fulfillment in life? Discover research-based wisdom at Dive into their engaging subjects and try their Growth Profile assessment to better understand your strengths and growth zones. If you’re looking to cultivate inner peace and purpose, this site offers insights from philosophy, psychology and science distilled into practical guidance. Make each day meaningful! 🙏 #selfimprovement #selfcare #mindfulness

Introducing, a digital platform providing science-based wisdom for those pursuing a life well-lived. Drawing from positive psychology, empirical studies, and philosophical traditions, their extensive library of articles and interactive self-assessments offer research-backed methods for fostering happiness, gratitude, purpose, and more. For anyone seeking practical tools grounded in scientific findings to craft greater well-being, makes the pursuit of meaning and fulfillment approachable and inspiring. #personalgrowth #selfbetterment #contemplativelife

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Find your happy place at! Their science-y tips & exercises spark joy every day. 😊✨ Craft a life you love with insights on gratitude, purpose, relationships and more! #wellness

Seeking more joy? offers research-based wisdom to cultivate inner peace & purpose. Learn the best in psychology and try their quizzes! 🧘‍♀️ #selfimprovement provides science-based wisdom drawing from positive psychology & philosophy to foster happiness, gratitude, purpose & more. #personalgrowth


Here are a handful of some of our favorite infographics and images. Feel free to share them around and use them in social media posts!

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Our infographic in The Science of Meaning puts on display some of the many recent findings in Positive Psychology research about meaning in life. Visit ‘Why Meaning?‘ for a quick, layperson explanation of the importance of meaning in life.

The Friendship section contains this and many other helpful graphics and guides, a handful of printable exercises, and a massive collection of resources from around the web.

This infographic only scratches the surface of the Benefits of Purpose. Check out the Purpose section (perhaps the largest and most comprehensive on the site) for everything you need to bring purpose to your life.

From the (physical) Health section, which highlights 5 key tips: Eat, Sleep, Move, Breathe, and Habitat.

This graphic contains tips from various sections: Compassionate Communication, Intentional Speech, Clean Communication, and more.

The Purpose Journey

The Purpose section is one of the most comprehensive and important on the site. It includes many visuals and metaphors, including the Purpose Journey.


The Bliss Map

Learn about the Bliss Map (how to find purposeful work) HERE.

The 4 Elements of Well-Being from the “Happiness” section.

A metaphor for the 4 Cornerstones of Meaning.

The 4 Elements of Well-Being

Type 1 is Ephemeral Pleasures. You can learn all about this element HERE.

Type 2 is Engagement / Flow. Learn more about this element HERE.

Type 3 is Perspective. Learn more and prepare to set your mind HERE.

Type 4 is what this site’s all about: Meaning and Purpose. See a breakdown here.

This visual of the “Hedonic Treadmill” is highlighted on our Happiness vs. Joy page. It represents the futility of some aspects of hedonic happiness.

A fun metaphor from our “Happiness” section.


The above videos are from the section on Happiness as a Hindrance. In that section, it’s examined in great detail how ‘happiness’ itself, can—and in today’s world often doescreate a life hindered from deeper meaning and joy.

This whiteboard video from our homepage lays out the primary model of meaning on the site. If you haven’t already, definitely give it a watch.

This video gives an overview of the concept of Your Storied Life. Check out the section for a life-changing outlook on our reality.


These two illustrations provide a visual metaphor as a mental and navigation aid for the many powerful tools of perspective. Click either of them to see them on their original page, where you can click around on each full-sized image to go to respective pages on the site.

Notable/Informative Graphics

From the Hope section.

From the Vulnerability section.

From the Vulnerability section.

From the Purpose section.

From the Purpose section.

From the Purpose section.