Joy. What is it?

How is it different from happiness?
Actually, there’s a whole page about that on this website!
Joy is a crucially different thing than what we colloquially talk about when we say “happiness.” To put it simply, Joy is the type of ‘happiness’ we feel when we are satisfied by a sense of meaning and purpose.
Gratitude, awe, forgiveness, freedom from suffering…all are sources of joy and are covered extensively on this site.
This page is about Joy as an outcome of feeling meaning in life.
The following articles, quotes, and excerpts are here to provide you with a stronger sense of Joy: what it is, how it’s fostered, and why it’s so important.


Zest, an intangible trait that is fledgling in its research, has nevertheless been identified as one of 24 key character strengths for living a joyful life.
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“Well being is an inside job” – very much in the vein of happiness type 3, and then some. With a focus on mindfulness, this article illustrates how not only betters one’s health, but also one’s ability to empathize, serve, and experience joy.
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Your work can be a source of joy. Developing a sense of purpose at your job will fuel curiosity and excitement.
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This short article about choosing “happiness over success” is actually about choosing JOY over success.


Alan Watts – Work as Play

The ever-influential Alan Watts gives a speech about work as a boundless source of joy.