How to Use This Website

This page will lay out what this website offers in a few ways…

You can begin your journey by clicking on the image to the right, starting with our intro video if you haven’t yet seen it.
Then, for other ways to navigate the site:

A. Use the main menu at the top of each page
B. Watch the site tour video
C. See our Body Metaphor – a visual metaphor for the offerings of the website
D. Find an explanation of our main model.
E. File through a master table of our content
F. Peruse the full Site Map page, where 100% of the pages are listed in hierarchical order
G. Use the search bar at the bottom of this page to query.

Website Video Tour:

Navigate the Site According to Your Learning Style:

Note: Each section of the site — collection of pages on a topic — has its own map to help you navigate through its material.
Here is an example from our section on Intentional Speech:

And some single pages, especially larger ones, will have blue sections with red text. This indicates anchor links (click them to be taken to a specific section on THAT page).

For example, here’s what it looks like at our ‘Why Meaning?’ page:

3 tools to help:
blocking social media intrusions / dictionary / CTRL + F to find on a page