Happiness Types

The experience of happiness can be classified into 4 different Types.

These Types of Happiness give us helpful lenses through which to see our lives and the ways we experience joy. They are all important. Each in its own way, as we will see.

Click any of the images below to learn about that Happiness Type.

From each type, you will also be lead to related books, links, videos, and tools to assist you on your journey to a happier life.

1. Ephemeral Pleasures

Learn about the simplest, easiest, most immediately fulfilling, most distracting, type of happiness.

Some examples may be: A tasty meal, a ‘frivolous’ book, a party, a movie, getting a nice car, checking things off a to-do list, gambling, watching sports.

2. Engagement / Flow

The type of happiness that empowers us with a meditative awareness in the present moment.

Some examples may be: getting lost in art, listening to an engaging speech, hiking, climbing, dancing, improvising on an instrument, reading, or a conversation that seemed to fly by.

3. Perspective

This type of happiness is detachment…a healthy negation of the other types by a Buddhism-like choice of experience.

Some examples may be how one perceives: grocery shopping, exercise, answering emails, paying bills, having a meal that wasn’t how you expected…
Between the experience and the reaction, there is a gap.

4. Meaning and Purpose

The most important and powerful type of happiness, this one is actually what brings JOY.

Some examples may be: learning a new craft, talking about your future, solving a problem at work, playing music for others, taking care of a grandparent, friendship, marriage.