Happiness Introduction

What Lies Ahead?

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Happiness can be...well...illusive.

Sometimes it feels so simple: “Oh, I just need to spend more time with my friends or family. Duh! THAT is what makes me happy!”
Other times it’s impossibly complicated: “I worked so hard for this moment, and now that I’m here I feel empty.”
Sometimes we reside in joy over simple pleasures: “Ice cream, I love you. A life without you would be an unhappy life.”
Other times joy finds us after arduous journey of trial and tribulation: “You know, I finally feel like this career is becoming worth it.”
As it turns out, happiness ISN’T too complicated. Rather, it’s multi-faceted. It can be easy to pigeonhole ourselves, looking for THE answer to happiness. But happiness is more like cooking:

You can learn to be a good cook.

  • You can learn skills, like how to peel a potato, that stay with you and equip you to cook better in the future.
  • You can gather ingredients –things that you use only once — which ensure your meal will be tasty.
  • You can collect good cookware, surrounding yourself with the necessary elements to cook better.
  • You can even stand in your kitchen and savor the smell, the environment, and appreciate that you have a kitchen.
  • You can know why you cook, motivating and giving purpose to each and every meal.
It’s not one of these elements, but all of them together, in their own ways, which makes a good cook.
Get excited! Building happiness takes some attention and practice, and you are in a place that will help you with that task.

Throughout the following pages, you’ll learn so many intricacies behind happiness.

And, it’s true that reading through takes time.
So, we are going to give you 5 things which, whether you know why or not, will make you happier, if you do them.

If you read nothing else on this whole website, do these things, and you will be a happier person.


Practice Gratitude

Simply write in a Gratitude journal, daily, weekly…make a habit of thinking about thing you’re thankful for.


Practice Mindfulness

…or some other form of meditation. Breathe, step back, and consider what you are experiencing right now as a phenomenon: neither good nor bad.


Act on Meaning

What does or could feel most meaningful to you? What’s something you’re sure you can do with a sense of purpose? Open your calendar RIGHT NOW and pencil in more of that.

If only for a single day, try doing the 5 things above and see what happens. You may be shocked.
And there is a secret, 6th tactic hidden among those 5. Simply trying to become happier makes us happier.

“Working on how to become happier, the research suggests, will not only make a person feel better but will also boost his or her energy, creativity, and immune system, foster better relationships, fuel higher productivity at work, and even lead to a longer life.” – The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

Being here and reading this means that you are already taking baby steps toward a happier life.

That being said, there is much to be learned about ‘Happiness.’ Reading through this section, you’ll be gaining new lenses and insights to live a happier life. So let’s get started, with the 4 Types:

Want to start things out by measuring your level of happiness?
Check out our Quizzes page.
You’ll find a great number of quizzes and assessments there, from all around the web. They cover not only happiness and well-being, but a range of other life factors.