Choice Diary

Get in touch with yourself

The Four Happiness Types look different for everyone.

This exercise will help you discover what forms your happiness takes, in each of these 4 types.

1. First, download one or all 3 of the below the PDF printouts:

2. After printing them, fill in each quadrant with as many elements as you can think of in your life.

As you populate the quadrants, think of what feels like that type of happiness to you. Again, check out the 4 happiness types here if you’d like more elaboration on each of them. Look below for more examples of what may go in each quadrant.

3. It’s ok if there is an interplay. Some activities can vary in what type of happiness they’re providing.

4. Hang it on your fridge, or somewhere you will see it frequently. This is a map of things that inspire your happiness.

Each handout contains examples to help you brainstorm.

Take a close look at Type 4: Meaning and Purpose.

Every type is important, and Type 4 takes on more importance because it is severely lacking in society and many people’s lives.

Whatever you put in your Type 4 quadrant is what brings you Joy.
What’s drastically important is that “Joy” is different from “Happiness”.

An underrated and increasingly overlooked quality of living well, meaning and purpose makes our lives make sense to us. As opposed to entertainment and pleasure, which provide momentary satisfaction, Meaning gives us life satisfaction. It allows us to look at our life, through good times and bad, and say “Yes, this is the life that I WANT to live. I’m grateful for it.”

Check out the pages below for more on the ever-crucial difference that Type 4 offers.