You’re here because you are curious about happiness. In all likelihood, you have a desire and an INTENTION to be happier. That, friend, is no small thing.
Happiness is indeed something you can build. You can become skilled in happiness.
And you will, as you continue to read through these pages.
Science has shared many insights and given us powerful tools for building happiness in recent years. The purpose of this section of the website is to distill the world’s most well-backed research, models, and theories on happiness into actionable tools and wisdom that you can equip, immediately, to become a happier person. We have read through dozens of the world’s leading books about happiness, collected hundreds of articles, videos, and links to the best tools and information. You will have them laid at your feet here, so that you may explore them and grow.
And you will grow. As you read these pages and use the tools, you will be a happier person.
In fact, you’ve already started. Simply having the intention of being happier has proven beneficial in numerous studies on happiness.

Now, Let’s get you started on your journey toward greater happiness. Follow from page to page ahead. If you want, take notes. Make bookmarks. You’ll find many things ahead that are worth saving and sharing.

You’re in the right place. Now let’s get to it.