Social Comparison Theory

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The “Trap”

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Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, asks ‘why are we happy?’

The Culture of Comparison: Bea Arthur discusses pop culture and the effects of technology on our happiness.

The impact of Facebook on Social Comparison.

A clip from the film American Psycho, highlighting the tunnel vision of Social Comparison.

A very insightful snippet from the film Brad’s Status. The comparison can be very steep.

This clip from the incredible dystopian series Black Mirror shows an eerie future where we work for others’ approval as monetary gain.

Why you should stop comparing yourself to other people.

What is imposter syndrome and how can you combat it?

‘The Imposter Syndrome’ from School of Life.


Another helpful mantra, from James Clear of Atomic Habits:

To improve, compare little things.

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Exercise Technique
  • Writing Tactics

To be miserable, compare big things.

  • Career Path
  • Marriage
  • Net Worth

Comparison is the thief of joy when applied broadly, but the teacher of skills when applied narrowly.