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We have a growing collection of downloadable pdf’s offering Exercises, Reflections, Tools, etc. on our many subjects.

Enjoy these ones relating to Money. If you have an idea or a desire for more exercises, please get in touch. 🙂


How Do YOU Buy Happiness?

Money can be a supremely powerful tool for increasing happiness. This exercise will help you personalize this tool.
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What Is Your Money Really For?

For such a wide concept, it’s so common and easy to take for granted. This 5-page worksheet will help you redefine what Money is, and what it’s really good for.
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Do I Have ‘Enough?’

What is “Enough?” This short exercise will help prevent you from needlessly seeking more and more.
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Using Money to Enable Meaning

This exercise will help you use Money as a powerful force for the most rewarding aspect of life: meaning.
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Meaningful Shopping

After this exercise, you will view shopping differently; with a heightened coherence to your identity and life satisfaction.
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Define YOUR Success

This quick-to-implement exercise will help you redefine and personalize what it means to be “successful.”
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The ‘Burning House’ Reflection

In a matter of minutes, this hypothetical exercise will lay bare your priorities and bring curiosity to your relationship with “stuff.”
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