Mindfulness Meditation: Resources


Copper Beech Institute--Learn more about mindful meditation.  Copper Beech holds weekend to multi week meditation retreats.  Source for topics in meditation and commonly featured in tricycle  and mindful magazine.



1440 Multiversity-Collection of different courses related to mindfulness, many guest speakers and webinars.  A blog with mindful topics.



OnBeing Podcast-Science of Mindfulness-Long time podcast host explores the topic of mindfulness with Ellen Langer who has a much more pragmatic view of mindfulness than her contemporaries.



Great Good Berkeley-Why Practice?-Collect of article on the practice of mindfulness from different viewpoints.


Intro to Mindfulness-Mindful.org-One of the more well known websites that offers a hub of different information relating to mindfulness...check out their magazine as well for topic in meditation and buddhism.



Mindfulness for Visual learners--an infographic that gets at the heart of mindfulness through imagery.



Tree of contemplative practices- Mindfulness is regarded as an aspect of many contemplative practices. This illustration illuminates the different practices/religions and could offer a starting point for more exploration.



Joseph Goldstein founded the insight institution and frequently holds retreats there. His book dabbles into a more buddhist view of mindfulness.

Sam Harris puts in clear logical ordinance how one can life a spiritual life transcendent of religion.


Debunking the 5 Most Common Meditation Myths | Light Watkins | TEDxVeniceBeach--animated speaker breaks down roadblocks to starting your own meditation practice.

The Fly- short animated film on mindfulness as a way to change your relationship to what is present.

Daniel Goleman- Focus and Compassion

Mindful Attitudes- Jon Kabat-Zinn- Discusses his 7 mindful attitudes and how they relate to a mindful meditation practice.

Alan Watts Guided Meditation-Guided meditation/philosophy talk by one of the great Zen Budhist thinkers.

Non-striving ted talk--Geared towards the business realm of dropping performance expectations and find success.

Ekhard Tolle-Acceptance-- call to acceptance of the present moment as a true spiritual practice.

Accepting What is- (Anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, are the result of fighting) Entertaining voice on accepting present moment.


Mindfulness App--
app provides a warehouse of guided meditations, body scans, insights and inspiration



The Wisdom Podcast--
Buddhist podcast that features interviews with leading thinkers from the Buddhist world.



Mindfulness on the Go Cards-- 
52 Simple Meditation Practices You Can Do Anywhere



Simple Habit--
Meditation app featured on shark tank.  Regarded as the spotify for meditation.



Neurofeedback Meditation--
Learn about neurofeedback as a way to deep your meditation practice through brain wave feedback technology.



Raisin Meditation--
Classic mindfulness exercise in paying attention to what might have gone unnoticed.