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Until the Wisdom & Maturity section gets finished, here are a few recommended resources on the subject.


Practical Wisdom by Barry Schwartz
A reasoned and urgent call to embrace and protect the essential human quality that has been drummed out of our lives: wisdom.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
This is a book about wisdom because it is a keystone book about humanity. Reading this book informs the human condition with historical and scientific context, helping frame one’s ideologies and ethics.

The Cambridge Handbook of Wisdom by Robert Sternberg
This is a comprehensive review of the psychological literature on wisdom by leading experts in the field. It covers the philosophical and sociocultural foundations of wisdom, and showcases the measurement and teaching of wisdom. The connection of wisdom to intelligence and personality is explained alongside its relationship with morality and ethics.

Becoming Wise

This podcast series from OnBeing is a culmination of many topics. Each episode is curated from hundreds of Krista Tippett’s big conversations with wise and graceful lives. Reset your day. Replenish your sense of yourself and the world.


On Becoming an Adult
In this fun little anecdote, Joseph Campbell reflects on society, myth, responsibility, and cultural wisdom.

Wisdom Research Forum: “Wisdom and well-being”
A presentation by Professor of Sociology, Monika Ardelt, PhD, on wisdom in well-being research.

Laura Carstensen: Older people are happier
Does wisdom come with age? Well, yes and no. This talk discusses some research connecting age, experience, and wisdom with well-being.

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