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Assess Your Self-Efficacy and Autonomy

Self-Efficacy and Autonomy are two of over 50 factors of well-being measured in the Assessment Center.
Measure this factor in your own life, and learn if they’re Strengths or Growth Zones:

Until the Self-Efficacy & Autonomy section gets finished, here are a few recommended resources on the subject.


Willpower by Baumeister and Tierney
Can you resist everything except temptation? In a hedonistic age full of distractions, it’s hard to possess willpower – or in fact even understand why we should need it. Yet it’s actually the most important factor in achieving success and a happy life, shown to be more significant than money, looks, background or intelligence. This book reveals the secrets of self-control.

Grit by Angela Duckworth
The daughter of a scientist who frequently noted her lack of “genius,” Angela Duckworth is now a celebrated researcher and professor. It was her early eye-opening stints in teaching, business consulting, and neuroscience that led to her hypothesis about what really drives success: not genius, but a unique combination of passion and long-term perseverance.

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard
We desire the grand liberties of choice—time freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom. Only two enemies stand in our way: an external enemy, defined as the social oppression of who we are by the mediocre masses, and an internal enemy, a sort of self-oppression caused by our own doubt and fear.


Motivation is a Hoax
We’ve got motivation all wrong. And realizing just how wrong we are will change your life.

Why Self-Efficacy Matters | Mamie Morrow
At some point all of us have felt our confidence waver or worried we couldn’t overcome a problem we faced. But can we really learn to persevere—and even get better at it over time?

Veritasium’s (awesome youtube channel) personal video on the subject.

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