Types of Gratitude

As mentioned, the purpose of this piece is to present Gratitude as a Spectrum within which to grow and notice more and more. Gratitude has been broken down into three main ‘types’, with sub-categories within each, below. The intention of each is to offer a type of Gratitude, its explanation, a further breakdown of sub-categories, and additional resources to further your understanding and discovery.

As discussed previously in this presentation, the benefits of a Gratitude practice lead to mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Throughout reading, you, the reader, will be presented with descriptions, tools, tips, inspiration, and more to assist you in your practice. As you read the below types, I recommend reading in order of Gratitude and Others, Attitude of Gratitude, and to finish with Gratitude as a Way of Being. Each type of Gratitude can be considered its own entity and each contains many tools and offerings. As a Spectrum, you will see that one builds upon the next offering tools on how to FURTHER your experience of Gratitude from momentary bursts to a way of life.

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