Forming a Gratitude Habit

Tools to assist you in your practice.

“We are what we repeatedly do” – Brian Johnson

Gratitude is more than an act, it is a practice.

Here are 10 Tips from Brian Johnson’s Habits 101: How to Create Habits that Can Change Your Life

  1. Use willpower wisely – limited amount before it fatigues. Use the willpower to create habits that then go on autopilot.
  2. Focus on physiological fundamentals – strong/base foundation in order to actualize potential. E.g. rest, nutrition, exercise.
  3. Identify your keystone habit – if you master this habit, will have the greatest impact on your life. Do it. Also, think about the habits you need to stop doing.
  4. Know your why – identify the benefits. What will be better about your life?
  5. 100% Commitment – Get rid of the voice in your head telling you to take a day off. Make the formation non-negotiable. One habit at a time. Go do it.
  6. Make it a daily habit – Create momentum!
  7. Make it easy – 1 min is easier to start than 60! Increase as you go. Create a series of wins. Allow yourself to suck at doing it, don’t skip.
  8. Never Miss a Day – create a streak! Keep track. You won’t want to break the streak.
  9. Definitely don’t miss two days! – If I miss a day, schedule the thing in your schedule for the next day and make it the most important thing to do that day.
  10. Embrace the process – phase 1: unbearable (first 10 days), phase 2: uncomfortable, little bit of benefits, phase 3 (after 30 days): unstoppable, feel better and feel the benefits from the practice

Worksheet: 10 Steps to Set Good Goals


The following video from Brian Johnson, discusses the benefits starting and maintaining a habit. Use the tools to inspire your own gratitude habit formation!

Habits 101: How to Discover Your Super Powers and Create Habits that Will Change Your Life (Intro)


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