We all want to live life optimally.
Suffering is a natural, ‘negative’ aspect of life.
And suffering itself can be handled with care and intention. It can be mitigated, minimized, and re-contextualized.
Suffering, in its many forms, is a psychological phenomenon which we can ultimately influence.
Note that suffering can be a teacher, and a valuable one. Resisting the lessons brought by suffering often creates louder, more frequent lessons. Suffering can also offer us a contextualizing of Joy.

What Do I Cultivate? What do I Keep in Check?

It is worth noting how we humans have a strange tendency towards dichotomous thinking, and it can be troublesome when applied to relating to other people.

However, for the sake of simplicity, we have created this page as a generalized guide.
Think of the page below as a map with two big categories:
‘Practice these for more freedom from suffering’ vs. ‘Avoid these to avoid suffering’

These ‘Antidotes’ and ‘Poisons’ will be helpful on your journey.
Click the points that are links to learn more, and enjoy a life of more Joy, and less suffering.


Actions in the Now

Philosophical Frameworks

“One-Step” Moves

Shift Moves (some)


Finally, Let It Be
Up to Something ∞