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A simple and very helpful distinction. Which are you choosing?
An article by David Allen that puts this world-hinging question to the test.
Thank you, Wikipedia.
The essential to do “The Work” from Byron Katie
Shouldn’t they be enough? Well, they’re not, apparently.
Science and Non-Duality
Want to be more objective and rational in your opinions? Here’s an awareness booster.
A very insightful article about the psychology of irrational denial of facts.
Another article, brilliant, by the Atlantic on cognitive biases.

In the World

You’ve heard it said that we’re divided now more than ever. And, this isn’t simply a product of the times…
Doing the impossible, why is it impossible? From Greater Good Science Center.
Yes. Yes it can.
From GGSC, here is how we can break the divides around us.
“When it comes to moral judgments, we think we are scientists, but we’re actually lawyers.”
An article from Fast Company that everyone involved in debate would love.
An Article from GGSC taking points from Robert Sapolsky’s Behave

In My Life

What you can do to close the divide of a politically separated family.
From GGSC, a great article on parenting.
Controversy is the new gold. Here’s how to invest in a different form of social currency.
A cheat-sheet for open-mindedness
Reading this article will hopefully give you a super power.
A great article for parents. Learn how to break the generational cycle of judgment.


An argument against taking militant sides.
By On Being, “speaking together differently in order to live together differently.”
An interview with Glenn Beck on On Being
Learn about your own morality while contributing to research.
For Teachers: Social-emotional skills.
If everyone understood these, our world would make much more sense.
A forum for diverse people, breaking demographic divides.
The popular idea that avoiding losses is a bigger motivator than achieving gains is not backed by evidence.



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