Right and Wrong

What is “Right” and what is “Wrong”?

Our minds beg this question with relentless energy. It is a frame through which we are taught to see the world. Human actions, human thoughts, and human ways of being are classified and judged under this dichotomy.
Our answers to this question shape belief systems, form cultures, and wage wars.

Here, we will call into question the effect of Right-and-Wrong thinking on our brain, our lives, and society.

It’s going to be a wild ride. Hold on to your hat and follow the pages from one to another, or use the key below to jump around.

Our suggested order is thus:

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To seeing others as I see myself.

To knowing sincerely what I am loving/protecting/wishing for in the moment. May I ask myself 7 times.

To treating others the way they want to be treated. ( The Platinum Rule )

To choosing connection, care, curiosity, and consultation over arguing, angst, and apathy.

To seeking the best possible outcome for everyone, always.