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town of challenge
What it Represents
The Gym
Exercise your challenge muscles, so they’re strong/capable when you need them.
The Museum
Inspiration – Quotes, Videos, Songs, Books, Movies, etc.
First Aid
Ouch, I’m experiencing some challenge!  But, I don’t need a hospital.
My challenge is long-term, yet not in need of hospital-like treatment anymore.  I could use some help working/being with my challenge(s).
The Background: mountains/storms/boat
Challenge over a lifetime: perceptions of challenge can shift from difficult mountains, occasional storms and rough seas, to smooth waters, even with challenges on the boat.
The Playground
Weeeee, let’s play with the ideas and experiences of challenge!
The School
Learn about the science/nature of challenge as a concept.
The Community Garden
Communal tending of our challenges/pain/sorrows.
The Hospital
Oh no!  My challenge is serious, and no simple and moderate level of help is going to be enough!  It’s acute, and big, now!
The Bike and the Crashing Airplane
How people get to the Town of Challenge: some seek it as a journey (bike), and some arrive unwillingly (plane crashing).