What Is Awe?


A response which combines veneration, inspiration, and wonder.

A feeling that may alter the way you perceive the world.

It is said to be produced by something that is grand, sublime, or powerful.

It is appreciation for the minute, wonderful details of simple or familiar things.

It occurs when you encounter something so vast that you don’t feel like you can quite understand it.

It invites the feeling of being small.

Awe, ignited by the experience of profound beauty, among other things, could evoke the feeling of being super-connected to other people, to nature, to humanity, and to universe as a whole. The opportunity to experience awe surrounds us. Awe may be inspired by something physical, like the views from the top of a mountain, the architecture of a medieval chapel, a night sky, the details of a wildflower, or a child’s first steps. Awe can be also be inspired psychologically, by a rousing speech, an act of heroism, or a masterful sonnet. Awe can even be reached when faced with something devastating, like a large scale accident. The indescribable and sometimes fearsome beauty of awe often leads to a feeling of connection with something greater than yourself, and can inspire the magic of unlimited possibility. Under the thrall of awe, one’s life may find meaning, and become wholly transformed.