Tools for Awe

The first exercise is an Awe Quiz. 21 questions used to measure the level of awe in your life, along with some feedback on how to experience more awe.

Awe Quiz

from Greater Good Science Center, Berkeley

Awe Narrative

The second exercise is to create an awe narrative. Take 15 minutes to recreate your last experience of awe. Take the time to reflect, remember, and write out what you felt, what you saw, and what it all meant to you. Focus on all of your senses and really put yourself back into that moment.  

Reflecting on your own experience with awe can help to lift you up outside of your usual routine, and challenge you to think in new ways.  


Once you are in the awe-state of mind, I invite you to explore further into this page, where ‘Awe’ will be broken down into 2 easily accessible categories - Awe in Nature, and Awe in Art.

Now, we've gathered some awe-inspiring content that you can look at any time you want to feel awesome: