Articles on 100% Responsibility

Why Do We Do What We Do?
Types of motivation, feelings and thoughts, habits, impulse and intuition, and finally, bring consciousness to it all. This article may deepen your understanding of why you do what you do, and how you feel the way you feel.

Guess: What’s One of the Most Popular Excuses for Breaking a Bad Habit?
An article about the “Lack of Control Loophole”. Learn how relinquishing responsibility to habit can be a viscous cycle.

Four Ways to Constructively Criticize Yourself
1. Criticize specific, changeable behaviors, not global, unchangeable attributes.
2. Criticize external circumstances, but then try to change them.
3. Shift your focus from yourself to others (how your actions affect others)
4. Practice self-compassionate self-criticism.

Mark Manson: The Prime Belief
Mark Manson hails 100% responsibility as the ultimate source of action and change within one’s life.

Philosopher’s Notes – Loving What Is – Byron Katie
Brian Johnson’s succinct and helpful ‘philosopher’s notes’ on a relevant book by Byron Katie.

Hermann Hesse on Hope, the Difficult Art of Taking Responsibility, and the Wisdom of the Inner Voice – a wonderful case study by Brain Pickings of taking responsibility as seen by Herman Hesse.

“Pain You Should WANT to Feel”
Though possessing a misleading title and list of feelings, this article puts a positive spin on negative emotions. With gratitude, regret and envy can become opportunity for growth.

Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life
A quick take on 100% Responsibility from Jack Canfield, the world renowned author of books like The Power of Focus and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Live Happier: 10 Things to Stop Doing Right Now
A list of behaviors to avoid, all of which involve less than 100% Responsibility.

The Two Mental Shifts Highly Successful People Make
1: The Power of Choice, 2: The Power of Context. This article comes from Stephen Covey’s work, address personal responsibility and other crucial habits.

Mark Manson: The Responsibility / Fault Fallacy
“With great power comes great responsibility”…more like “Life gives you power. Take responsibility.”

Mark Manson: It’s Not All Your Parents’ Fault
Manson addresses the common thread that psychological aspects and personality/responsibility are fully attributable to our parents.

Philosopher’s Notes: Reinventing Yourself – Brian Johnson explores this book by Steve Chandler, that focuses on the dichotomy of being a Victim vs. being an Owner.


Brene Brown on Blame: A fantastic short from RSA

Raoul Martinez on the Myth of Responsibility: Thanks again, RSA!

Jesse Elder on the Purpose of Pain: You have the power, right now.

Conscious Leadership: Understanding the Drama Triangle vs. Presence
(check out our page on the Drama Triangle for more)

Conscious Leadership: 100% Responsibility

Big Think: Curiosity is a Superpower


Brian Tracy – Maximum Achievement
Learn how taking responsibility translates to higher success

Kay Potetz – Take it Back
Reclaim your personal power of choice

Bradley Campbell – The Rise of Victimhood Culture
How are the times changing in terms of responsibility?

Byron Katie – Loving What is
Four questions that can help you turn suffering into opportunity, through responsibility

Dr. Samantha Brody: Overcoming Overwhelm
Some health tips from a widely-esteemed naturopath, translated into more effective action and productivity.

Stephen Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The number one habit: “Be Proactive”. Something happens. You don’t just react to it unconsciously. You, as a highly effective, proactive person, CHOOSE your optimal response

Learning to Love Yourself by Gay Hendricks
“ideal for giving to loved ones (including yourself!) who are on the journey to forgiving, accepting and loving themselves. It tells you how I came to an acceptance and unconditional love of even the most difficult-to-love parts of myself.”

The 15 Commitment of Conscious Leadership
These pages contain a comprehensive road map to guide you to shift from fear-based to trust-based leadership.

TED: the Empowering Dynamic
A fable on self-leadership, because how you lead your own life has everything to do with how you lead in other areas. It is a tool for both individuals and organizations who want to create more effective communication and relationships.


What am I not able to do that other people can do?