“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” — Rumi

This section will give more details about Service as a cornerstone of meaning. You’ll see inspiring examples of service, learn how to better live in service, and even find resources for jobs, volunteering, and more.

Assess Your Service Factor

Service is one of over 50 factors of well-being measured in the Assessment Center.
Measure this factor in your own life, and learn if it’s a Strength or a Growth Zone:

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Being “in service” to an organization, a community, a partner, and even yourself can take many forms. Overall, being in service to something outside of yourself is known to give people a sense of purpose and personal responsibility for the world. It can help to increase self-esteem and even decrease one’s sense of loneliness. The rewards are endless, from personal happiness to community connection.

But how do you go about framing your life with service in mind?
This section will offer you knowledge and wisdom about creating meaning through service. We’ll discuss virtues of service, how service develops throughout a lifetime, methods for being in service, and more.

The resources for this section have the potential to change your life. We provide an extensive list of service opportunities for you to peruse, from jobs and volunteer opportunities in different fields, to lists of organizations doing incredible work.

Now, let’s get inspired with some stories of service in the world.

Land of the Mutts

Farmers in Costa Rica have created a sanctuary for over 600 dogs to call home.

Money from the Piggy Bank

A 7-year-old donates all the money in his piggy bank to a mosque that was vandalized in Texas.

Wigs for Children

A woman makes Disney princess wigs out of yarn for children battling cancer.

Yao Ming turned Activist

Former basketball star, Yao Ming now fights shark poaching, and is seeing results.

We’ll kick off the section with one of the most important aspects of meaning through service: Virtue.