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We’ve gathered SO MANY resources relating to friendship that we’ve split some of them into subpages. Click the buttons below to check out that category of resources:


Blogs About Friendship

  • Shasta Nelson | Blog — Shasta Nelson: author of Frientimacy and Friendships Don’t Just Happen, Ted presenter, keynote speaker, and friendship expert. Nelson has written hundreds of blog posts over the years on everything from ways to make gatherings more meaningful to why our circle of friends disappears.
  • Vivek Murthy | Blog — Former Surgeon general of the United States and Author of Together, Dr. Vivek Murthy explores loneliness and its causes and cures in his blog posts.
  • Kat Vellos | We Should Get Together | Blog — Kat Vellos, author of We Should Get Together and Connected from Afar: A Guide for Staying Close When You’re Far Away. Vellos is a former user experience designer and has turned that expertise towards combating the loneliness epidemic, by helping millions of people experience greater fulfillment in life through the cultivation of thriving platonic relationships.
  • Friend or Foe | Psychology Today — A Psychology Today sponsored blog that looks into the pitfalls and rewards of 21st-century friendships.
  • The Friendship Blog — Advice for navigating friendship at every stage of life
  • LifeHacker | Friendship — The best friendship tips, tricks, and hacks from Lifehacker. Lifehacker is an award-winning blog that offers tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help make life and work more efficient
  • thought catalog | Friendship — Articles covering Friendship from Thought Catalog, a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to sharing your ideas and stories.
  • Good News Network | Friendship — Stories and images of friendship from around the globe will make you feel uplifted, optimistic, and positive about life. The Good News Network delivers stories of hope to inspire millions of people worldwide.
  • Her Way – friends & family Archives — Articles on friendship from Her way, a platform designed to help millennial females build self-esteem and to strengthen their family and friendship bonds.

Improve Your Social Skills

  • Improve Your Social Skills — A comprehensive, practical guide to social skills. It contains a treasure trove of free social skills training, as well as premium books and courses to help you gain mastery.
  • — Ever felt like you are the only one who struggles with social awkwardness? Read posts by others about struggling with, working on, and overcoming awkwardness, or write your own questions for the community to answer.
  • Become More Compelling — Tips and tricks for charisma and mastering social skills.

Resources for Meeting New People — See the MEGALIST

Additional Websites

  • Blue Zones—Live Longer, Better  — The science behind Blue Zones: areas in the world where on average, people live longer, happier lives. How can you live the blue zone way?
  • Find Your Character Strengths — Everyone has a combination of 24 character strengths. Take the quiz to find out yours to begin your path of strengthening the ones you want.
  • Positive Relationships Masterclass© — In this masterclass, you will learn the key principles of relationships that promote human flourishing and gain access to hands-on tools to help your clients discover and invest in social bonds that matter.
  • My Best Self 101 — Positive Psychology Strategies to Help you Thrive
  • BookClubz —  Bookclubz makes organizing a book club simple. Say goodbye to that tangle of emails so you can focus on reading and being together.

Friendship and Beyond

The following websites and blogs are full of articles about friendship (and tons of other topics). Listed are a few recommended articles.

Eric Barker Blog

Eric Barker, author of Barking Up the Wrong Tree writes a science-based blog about success, adulting, and life.

Psychology Today

An online and print magazine of all things psychology. Full of articles about studies, theories, and self-help. Includes a comprehensive directory of therapists, psychiatrists, and treatment facilities near you.

Happify Daily

A science-based program that helps you improve your mental health. The “Get Inspired” section of the website shares stories and articles from around the world on topics related to happiness.

Asking For a Friend

Experts answer your toughest relationship questions, from romance and family to work and friendship, in partnership with the Gottman Institute.


Friend “Dating”

Bumble BFF
Friendship “dating” app.
Google | Apple

Friendship “dating” app.
Google | Apple

Friendship “dating” app.
Google | Apple

Friendship “dating” app. You can select the gender and age range of people you want to connect with and add your interests so matches have at least one favorite activity in common with you.
Google | Apple

Friendship “dating” app.
Google | Apple

Find professionals to network with.
Google | Apple

Making Authentic Friendships
This web-based application helps individuals with special needs (age 13+) find friends at home or on the go, based on their geolocation, diagnosis, age, and interests.
Google | Apple

Friended lets you share your random thoughts in a controlled environment, allowing other users to reply or send encouragement to you privately. The point is to exchange niceties that should hopefully tumble into something more, or at the very least help you feel less alone.

Events and Happenings

Find events and groups near you.
Google | Apple

Similar to Groupon–find deals on classes and events near you.
Google | Apple

The social mobile app lets you spontaneously meet up with interesting people nearby. Anytime. Anywhere.
Google | Apple

Discover and create events.
Google | Apple

Find new classes, events, and deals near you.
Google | apple

Local knowledge, tips, and people. This link takes you to the San Diego Reddit page, as an example. Replace San Diego with your city to discover tips and tricks from other locals!
Google | Apple

Find anything in your neighborhood (or anywhere in the world).
Google | Apple

Events and things to do.
Google | Apple

Special Interest

Facebook Groups
Discover all the groups people have created on Facebook, or start your own group.
Google | Apple

Find workout buddies in your area.

Mind Body
Book workout classes in your area.
Google | Apple

The social app for travelers: find a travel buddy.
Google | Apple

Connecting women across fertility and motherhood.
Google | Apple

Find people based on your favorite sports, and encouraging you to host events and meet up.
Google | Apple

Female Travel Buddy App
Find a Travel Companion.
Google | Apple

Ways to Communicate and Connect

Your neighborhood hub. Chat with neighbors, see topics people are talking about and get the latest news from your neighborhood.
Google | Apple

Pathshare uses your phone’s GPS to share your location in real-time with anyone you choose. Let your friends find you anywhere – even if you don’t know the exact address.
Google | Apple

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to lose touch. But whether your friends from home, business school classmates or former coworkers, relationships matter. Dex is the best way to manage your relationships. We’re building a 21st-century rolodex that’s powerful, accessible, and a pleasure to use.

Group text messaging.
Google | Apple

Monaru is an app that makes it easy for you to keep on top of your most important relationships. Offering a tailored schedule of suggestions and reminders for things that you can do with those most important to you, or ways in which you can keep up with each other.

Can you remember the names of the children of all your friends? Can you remember the wedding anniversary of your brother? Can you tell the last time you called your grandmother and what you talked about? Monica lets you quickly and easily log all that information so you can be a better friend, family member, or spouse.


The Science of Friendship

Doctors and psychologists speak about the science of friendship and why it is important to our health.

The Science of Happiness — Dacher Keltner

Episode 75: A Cure for Loneliness

Learn research-tested strategies for a happier, more meaningful life, drawing on the science of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, and awe. In Episode 75, former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy learns why focusing on the quality of our relationships, not the quantity, can be an antidote.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

Ultimate Health Podcast — Dr. Jesse Chappus

Episode 171: Intentional Friendships

Dr. Jesse Chappus has in-depth conversations with health and wellness leaders from around the world. In Episode 171, Marni Wasserman joins him to discuss friendship and how to evaluate those around you to build more intentional relationships.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

The Art of Relationships Podcast — Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Nov. 2017 “The Signs of a Healthy Friendship”

Chris Grace, Ph.D., and Tim Muehlhoff, Ph.D., discuss how to build healthy relationships and marriages. In this podcast, Tim (professor of communication at Biola University and author of I Beg to Differ) and Chris (director of Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships and professor of psychology at Biola University) weigh in on how to navigate the complexities of relationships in our culture with biblical wisdom and scholarly research. Listen to get practical insights on relationships, dating and marriage that can be applied to all relationships – family, friends, co-workers and others.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

The Psychology Podcast — Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

June 2021: Noreena Hertz | How to Restore Human Connection

Noreena Hertz is a renowned thought leader, academic, and broadcaster, named by The Observer “one of the world’s leading thinkers” and by Vogue “one of the world’s most inspiring women.” Topics include: The impact of technology on our social lives, The importance of local communities, “The loneliness economy”, and more.

Podcast Website | Apple | YouTube

Answering Questions and Sharing Stories About Friendship

Friendshipping Podcast — Jenn and Trinn

How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends? Can I befriend my ex? Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter? Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! We try to advise on the tricky stuff that’s making you feel weird.

Podcast Website | Apple | Spotify

Best Forevers | A Podcast for Kindred Spirits —Alysa Lucas

A Podcast for Kindred Spirits with the goal of starting a movement to love more on our best friends, bros, and bosom buddies through sharing stories of friendship and talking about the most important topics to keeping those friendships afloat.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

NPR | Life Kit — Julia Furlan

2 episodes from August 2019: Make New Friends (and Keep Them) and When Friendship Changes, How To Cope

The act of making and being a friend is as simple as it is difficult. We spoke with experts to help find ways to make new friends, as well as to take better care of the friendships you already have.

NPR | Apple | Spotify

Friends Talking About Stuff

Listen to real-life friends talk about their relationships, work, and life.

Call Your Girlfriend Podcast — Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow

Every week, Aminatou and Ann call each other to discuss the intricacies of pop culture and the latest in politics. Since launching in 2014, we’ve built an audience of hundreds of thousands of listeners per episode. We’re highbrow and lowbrow, fiercely opinionated, and not afraid to real-talk each other about everything from menstrual cycles and body shaming to the Cheeto in Chief and workplace drama. We highlight women who are agents, creators, movers, and shakers who have smart, interesting things to say. We also care deeply about the lived experiences of non-famous women who are just trying to get through the week. We’re here for every facet of women’s humanity.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

Better Friendship Through Podcasting —Adam Ellis and Kristin Rossi

Adam Ellis and Kristin Rossi are friends. They work together, but not in the same department. Since they don’t see each other that much, they hang out after work sometimes, get drunk, and catch up. For this podcast, they set a topic each week and ask each other questions based on that topic. It’s better friendship through podcasting.

Podcast Website | Apple |Spotify

For the Love Podcast —Jen Hatmaker

Season 1: For the Love of Girlfriends

“For the love” of…People. Home. Stories. Shoes. Family. Jesus. Community. TV. Travel. Food. Culture. The hilarious best-selling author and star of HGTV’s “My Big Family Renovation” invites you to drop by and catch up with her friends as they laugh and chat about all the things we love. Season 1 explores the love of friends who stick by through thick and thin.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher |Spotify

Friendshipping Forecast —Lily and Charlotte

Join Lily and Charlotte’s long distance podcast as they talk about friendship, existence and other friendship ephemera. (Only 3 episodes)

Apple | Stitcher

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata —Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Gayle & Oprah. Bonnie & Clyde. Nicole & Sasheer. Enter the pantheon of best friendship. When you’re forced to change your number, are sick of being single, or want to take a pole-dancing class, you’re going to need a best friend…and if you don’t, you can still have this podcast.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

The Friendship Podcast —CJ and BK

Two friends doing what they do.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

Male Specific

‎Masculine Vulnerability— Ashe Owen

7 Episodes full of compelling stories and discussions exploring the power of vulnerability and the impact it can have on men’s lives.

Podcast Website | Apple

The Art of Manliness— Brett McKay

Episode #274: Build Your Band of Brothers

Stephen Mansfield and McKay discuss the bleak statistics on male friendship, the myth of the lone alpha male, and why making friends in adulthood is so hard for men today. They discuss what a “band of brothers” is, why men’s accountability groups usually fail, and how a close-knit group of friends can help make you a better man. They end the discussion by delving into exactly what you need to do to develop a band of brothers and what to do when you get together.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

NPR | Hidden Brain— Shankar Vedantam

The Lonely American Man

Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. In this episode, he interviews men and psychologists and examines and explains how being too “masculine” affects loneliness.

NPR | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

NPR | Life Kit— Julia Furlan

August 2019: How Men Can Have Better Friendships

The typical definition of masculinity is the polar opposite of what makes strong friendships. In this episode, we talk to men about their struggles with friendship and looking for answers with some celebrity experts.

NPR | Apple | Spotify

Additional Podcasts

Chief Best Friends —Niki Torres

This is not a typical podcast on entrepreneurship. It’s a podcast to figure out business success while cultivating meaningful friendships. How can we mix the personal and the professional? What does it mean to be champions to one another? Why do we need genuine allies? Hosted by Niki Torres, she brings women’s stories of breaking glass and bamboo ceilings, of navigating life changes and careers, and of the emotional rollercoaster that is startup life. Chief Best Friends is about work wives and work besties everywhere.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

The Art of Friendship —Kim Wier

The Art of Friendship podcast will help you fulfill your God-given friend-longing, improve existing relationships, and invest in others longing to connect. With humor, honesty and transparency, Kim guides the conversation with friends and experts to help you discover how life-changing and life-giving friendships can be yours.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

Together ApartPriya Parker

Together Apart is part guide, part reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit to still creatively meaningfully gather, even while we have to be apart. The show is hosted by Priya Parker, a conflict facilitator whose expertise is in how we gather.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

Therapy for Black Girls — Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Session 118: Making Friends as an Adult

Guest Dr. Marisa Franco shares research that goes deeper into what makes friendship thrive. Tips about the most important aspects of making friends, the characteristics of a good friend, and what’s needed to really sustain friendships.

Podcast Website | Apple | Stitcher | Spotify

The Good Life Podcast— Jonathan Fields

Kate Johnson | Radical Friendship

Kate Johnson teaches classes and retreats integrating Buddhist meditation, somatics, social justice, and creativity at leading meditation centers, universities and cultural institutions around the country. She also works as a culture change consultant, partnering with organizations to help them achieve greater diversity and sustainability. Her moving new book, Radical Friendship, makes a case for friendship – grounded in Buddha’s teaching – as a radical practice of love, courage, and trust, offering seven strategies that pave the way for profound social change.

Podcast Website | Apple | Spotify



Jackbox Games

3-8 players

Jackbox has released many party games, all played online via a gaming console, app, or smart TV. Players use the web browser on their phones and enter a unique code to join the game. The benefit of it being online is that people can play remotely and players do not need to be in the same room to play.

Among Us

4 – 15 players

Play online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone!

Secret Hitler

5-10 players

Secret Hitler is a board game also available online! A dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930’s Germany. Players are secretly divided into two teams – liberals and fascists. Known only to each other, the fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader. The liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it is too late.


Exploding Kittens

2 – 5 players

A Kitty-Powered Russian Roulette Card Game – The hit party game for family and friends who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.

Cards Against Humanity

4 – 20+

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

2-4 players

You’re alone in a room with a bomb. Your friends have the info you need to defuse it. But there’s a catch. They can’t see the bomb. So everyone will need to talk it out–fast! This game also has capabilities to be played remotely.


3-4 players (more with expansion packs)

Your adventurous settlers seek to tame the remote but rich isle of Catan. Start by revealing Catan’s many harbors and regions: Pastures, fields, mountains, hills, forests, and desert. The random mix creates a different board virtually every game. Skills – Clever trading, strategy, tactical skill, luck.


4 – 12 players

The game with inspiration, heart & hilarity

SPARKED is an addictively fun game that celebrates and elevates everyone. It’s a Game Changer! From soulful conversations to juicy surprises and laugh-until-you-cry moments, you never know what will be SPARKED! SPARKED delivers rich, memorable experiences every time you play.

You’ve Got Crabs

4-10 players

Players team up, create secret signals, and try to collect the most crabs.

Ticket to Ride

2 – 5 players

Build your tracks across the United States in this fast-paced and strategic board game. Connect iconic North American cities across a map of the 20th-century USA and build your train routes to earn points.

Loaded Questions

4-6 players

What happens when you combine hundreds of fun, creative questions with personal answers, simple rules and hilarious gameplay? Start playing Loaded Questions and find out! This is the newest version of our bestselling Loaded Questions game, which has sold more than 2,000,000+ copies.

The Friendship Game | A Game to Get the Best Out of Friendship

3-6 players

This is a game designed to get the very best out of our friendships. Played on a board with dice and cards, it invites us to ask one another a series of kind but searching questions about our lives. The more honestly and clearly we answer, the faster we advance around the board. The winner of the game is the person who has best demonstrated that bedrock of true friendship: the capacity for sincere, kindly self-disclosure. The game is guaranteed to bring out new facets of our friends and will allow for a series of fascinating moments of revelation and mutual discovery.

Authentic Relating Games

Authentic Relating practices create a safe, intentional space – rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries – to create meaningful and enjoyable connections to self and other. By learning Authentic Relating skills, you can drop your conditioned relational habits, and learn to relate with yourself and others from a deeper more authentic expression of your truth.


2-6 players

A bluffing game where you need to lie, deceive, and destroy the influence of your rivals to be the last one standing.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

3 – 6 players

Tile by tile, terror by terror, build your own haunted mansion – and then try to escape it alive. With 50 blood-curdling scenarios, each trip to the house on the hill promises fresh horrors. Players must work together to survive the nightmare. Except for 1 player who becomes the traitor.


2-8+ players

Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging game play. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first.


2-8+ players

Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging game play. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first.

Conversation Cards

Printable Conversation Cards Incorporate more love, forgiveness, and compassion into your daily life with these conversation starters.

Where Should We Begin – A Game of Stories

Designed for partners, dates, or friends, Where Should We Begin? is many games at once. The rules are tailored to the many situations you might find yourself in, and to different types of groups. Just as an amazing connection is about sharing, listening, risk, laughter, and discovery, so too is a great game. Let the Prompt Cards guide you and the Story Cards inspire you to share the stories you rarely tell.


The best quiz you can take on Friendship is in our Assessment Center. Testing your Friendship factor will measure 12 subfactors, and you’ll have access to 50 other factors and hundreds of subfactors. Go check it out!


Self Tests | Psychology Today

A bank of quizzes on various subjects from Psychology Today. Are you outgoing or introverted? Do you have a high traditional IQ or emotional IQ? Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Find the answers to these questions and more with Psychology Today.

Give And Take Assessment

In relationships, are you a giver, taker, or matcher?

Social Capital Quiz | Greater Good

Based on a scale developed by Dmitri Williams, a professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, it measures the amount—and the sources—of social capital in your life, zeroing in on online vs. offline capital.

Supportive Relationships Questionnaire

My Best Life 101 is a website dedicated to the science and personal application of the “greatest hits” of positive psychology and mindfulness practices. Throughout the site are helpful questionnaires to self-evaluate different aspects of your well-being.

Just for Fun


John Cacioppo

University of Chicago professor known as the “scientist of loneliness.” Co-founded the field of social neuroscience and founded the University of Chicago Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience. He conducted studies that looked at the effects of social isolation on health. He Co- Wrote the book Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection.

The Lethality of Loneliness

John Cacioppo

Julianne Holt-Lunstad

Professor Holt-Lunstad’s program of research examines the influence of both the quantity and quality of social relationships on long-term health and risk for mortality, and the biological pathways.

Julianna Holt-Lunstad Home

Dr. Vivek Murthy, M.D.

Physician and former vice admiral in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps who served as the nineteenth Surgeon General of the United States. He was the first Surgeon General of Indian descent. While in office, he worked to tackle the worst public health problems in the U.S. After leaving office, he turned his focus to the loneliness epidemic, speaking out about how many patients he saw in his career who suffered from loneliness. In his book, Together, he aims to reduce loneliness in the United States.

Vivek Murthy | US Surgeon General | Together Book | United States

Shasta Nelson

Shasta Nelson is a keynote speaker, author, and leading expert on friendship and healthy relationships at work. Filled with scientific data, real-world research, and fascinating case studies, Shasta’s programs reveal how healthy relationships at work directly impact employee engagement, team culture, sales, recruiting, and retention. She also teaches strategies for the healthiest friendships, contributing to individual happiness and well-being. Her Three Relationship Requirements have been featured in her popular TEDx talk and are widely praised for helping break down relationships in ways everyone understands.


Frientimacy: the three requirements of all healthy friendships | Shasta Nelson | TEDxLaSierraUniversity

Priya Parker

Parker has spent 15 years helping leaders and communities have complicated conversations about community and identity and vision at moments of transition. Trained in the field of conflict resolution, Parker has worked on race relations on American college campuses and on peace processes in the Arab world, southern Africa, and India.

Bio — Priya Parker

3 steps to turn everyday get-togethers into transformative gatherings

Robin Dunbar

Dunbar is a British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist and a specialist in primate behaviour. He is currently head of the Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. He is best known for formulating Dunbar’s number, a measurement of the cognitive limit to the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable relationships.

Robin Dunbar — Department of Experimental Psychology

TEDxObserver – Robin Dunbar – Can the internet buy you more friends?

Robin Dunbar: What three-sided football tells us about friendship


Friends: Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships

How Many Friends Does One Person Need? Dunbar’s Number and Other Evolutionary Quirks

Interpersonal Skills

One of the best ways to connect with someone else, help your friend feel seen and safe, and to get to know someone new is to LISTEN.

Intrapersonal Skills

Further exploration into self-love can better equip you to love yourself first.


Love languages can tell us about how we like to give and receive love, which can give us insight into how we behave in relationships, including friendships.

The overarching model on the site for communicating with yourself and others.

Self-acceptance takes self-love a bit further with accepting yourself for the way you are and finding peace within your stories.

Discovery through socialization can show us why we behave in certain ways with friends. What do you dislike in others and how do these attributes appear in you? What do you admire about others and how do you demonstrate those qualities?

When we approach friends with compassion and understanding, we can build deeper connections that are genuine and supportive.

The framework of YSL shows up all over the site, so explore the YSL section to get a better handle on the framework and your foundational stories.

The Explore page serves as a jumping-off point to an exploration of the world around you. An essential component of discovery is the point-blank action of exploring the world outside of introspective discoveries.

In making agreements and requests with friends, it helps to be intentional.

Taking responsibility for your own actions, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts can help you understand the way you relate to the world and people around you.

Strong and fulfilling relationships are one of the primary ingredients for well-being.

Expressing gratitude to friends is one way to affirm your friend’s actions and build trust and positivity.

Taking responsibility for your own actions, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts can help you understand the way you relate to the world and people around you.

Play builds positivity in relationships and helps create meaningful memories and builds experiential intimacy.

Not having enough time for friends becomes a self fulfilling prophecy when we buy into this story being true.

Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of making new friends and finding deeper connections.