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Until the Partnered Love section gets finished, here are a few recommended resources on the subject.


The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert: John Gottman

Us: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship
Not much is harder than figuring out how to love your partner in all their messy humanness—and there’s also not much that’s more important.

I Want This to Work
An Inclusive Guide to Navigating the Most Difficult Relationship Issues We Face in the Modern Age


What True Love Really Is
Most of us think we know what love is; we may just be looking for the right person to lavish our love on. But it’s no insult, and indeed it might even be helpful to imagine, that we don’t have much of a clue what love really is, not because we are deficient, but because our culture never investigates the subject as it should.

The Science of Love | John Gottman
World-renowned relationship expert John Gottman set forth to understand why relationships don’t work, but for that he needed to first understand relationships scientifically. Gottman then measured the behavior, perception and physiology of couples over time to understand how love works. With that he was able to create equations for love and discern the mathematical dynamics of love.

LOVE LESSONS – 125+ Years of Marriage Advice in 3 Minutes
How did they do it? Three couples with over 125 years of combined marriage experience share the secret to their success…

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