These are the factors of Love to do with others and our relationships with them. Relationships are just about everything. If you’re successful with others, you can be successful and satisfied in life.

This page is a jumping-off point for each of the below sections on relational love. You will find ample perspectives and resources to enliven, grow, and repair your relationships. Each section has pages of content, including exercises and resources to grow the factors of well-being.

For some, friends are family. For some, friends are life.In our friends we have people with whom to share the joy, the fun, the little and big things, and the play in life.

This section will cover the myths and benefits of friendship, how to foster connection, how to both make new friends and nurture existing friendships, and even how to build community.

Learn about Friendship:

This is dating like you’ve never seen it before.

We’ll dig into the psychology, the strategy, and every other nook and cranny of how to find the right partner for you.You’ll learn about dating stages, do checkups on your commitment readiness and relationship health, and much MUCH more.

Up your game:

What about when you’re no longer dating and have a long-term partner?The love in one’s relationship with a long-term partner or spouse might be the most critical thing to foster in life, when we have it.

Romance is an art.And it can be practiced. This section offers aids for cultivating romance no matter the relationship.

Attachment Theory uncovers surprising patterns in yourself and others.It’s about understanding how we relate to one another as a product of our unique upbringings.

In this section you can take a quiz to learn your attachment style, and learn how to deal with yourself and others, depending on their styles of attachment.

This section is like a helpful database of ways to create magic in a relationship.

These little rituals will grow your connection playfully, meaningfully, continually, and easily.