You’re in the right place. In fact, you’ve found something quite special.

Forgiveness is a sharp and subtle skill, often misunderstood by culture, and deeper than many of us suspect.

So we’ve prepared a comprehensive manual on practicing forgiveness.

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Why Forgive?

So, why forgive others? This question is itself misleading; as we’ll see, this journey is not exactly about ‘forgiving’ others. First and foremost, this journey is about connecting with and better understanding ourselves. Forgiveness is a way of allowing ourselves to experience the moments of life in the fullest, pain and joy alike, without being trapped or hindered.

  • Forgiveness is hugely beneficial to our health
  • Not Forgiving is adverse to our health
  • Forgiveness Heals Relationships
  • Forgiveness Ends Conflicts
  • Forgiveness Frees Us

Forgiveness is not a gift that I give to someone else.

It is a gift that gives itself to me.


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What Forgiveness Is Not

Let’s address some myths about Forgiveness right here and now.

Reading this should already begin to alleviate you from the burdensome cultural ideologies imposed upon your practicing of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is NOT…

  1. For another person
  2. Acceptance/Tolerance
  3. A leap of faith/trust in another’s good nature
  4. About restitution
  5. About forgetting
  6. Good enough if mostly done
  7. Necessarily involving apologies
  8. A guarantee to never feel that pain again
  9. Going to make you a better person
  10. To teach them a lesson

Forgiveness does NOT…

  1. Exclude hatred and anger
  2. Happen quickly at a single point in time
  3. Make you weak. Quite the opposite, in fact…
  4. Subvert justice
  5. Leave you vulnerable

Forgiveness IS…

  1. A process, a practice, and a way of being
  2. For you, and nobody else
  3. Difficult like exercising. You get stronger, and it pays off.


See all of these points Explained in detail here:

Our Forgiveness Manual

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