These are the factors of Love that start from a place of self-relation. They are skills we foster within ourselves to interface outwardly with more heart. Each section is a life-long practice that empowers us to handle ourselves, the world, and relationships with more grace and awareness.

This page is a jumping-off point for each of the below sections. Within each, you’ll find ample content, practices, and resources to expand how you relate to yourself and the world.

Listening could be one of the most underrated social skills you can practice.

In this section, you’ll learn the ins and outs—the art and science—of listening. You can assess your listening skills with a quiz, learn about different listening styles, and pinpoint the common challenges of listening (characterized as dinner guests!).

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There is a state of consciousness characterized by heightened awareness and reflective consciousness of the present moment. It is accompanied by feelings of awe, connection, unity, vividness, love, and meaning.  This state is called Presence.

In this section, you’ll hone in what presence is, learn about its benefits and the barriers that stand in the way, and learn the pathways to cultivating it.

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In the moment, we experience fear and a sense of weakness. But studies show that others see vulnerability as brave and endearing.

This section will break down vulnerability in detail and unlock how to harness it for a multitude of benefits.

Compassionate Communication, also know as Nonviolent Communication (NVC), is the art of communicating based on organic human needs and feelings.

Microsoft’s CEO gave one book on NVC to his managers, and it transformed the company’s culture. Now NVC is ulitized among communities, organizations, and families worldwide.And this section may be the most comprehensive resource for it on the web.

“Forgiveness is not a gift that I give to someone else. It is a gift that gives itself to me.” – Nelson Mandela

The skill of forgiveness is as overlooked as it is misunderstood. This section offers a multitude of resources and techniques to flex this powerful form of love.

Self-Love is the rock you stand on to deal with the world outside…the thing of life.

To be a true friend to oneself gives us a well of love that we can share with other aspects of life, like friendships and partnered relationships.This section breaks down the mind, body, and spirit of Self-Love, and exposes the barriers and bridges to overcome its challenges.