Time Travel

Now we can hop into our dazzling time machine and discover purpose from all the omniscient aliens that will land on earth in two thousand years.   …Or we could take a moment to look at our own personal timelines.

The Past

By dipping into the past we can uncover a few brilliant lessons from ourselves as children.  Unencumbered by many of the conventional laws of society, children use their imaginations to create a world they want to experience.  Without the judgment of what they should be doing, kids are innocently free and dedicated to having fun.  As adults, we can forget how to play.  What kinds of activities can you get lost in for hours, experiencing a state of flow?  If you don’t know what your interests are today, take a look at your younger self.  Perhaps there is a passion you forgot in the haste of growing up- what would it be like to explore that again? Clinic-Music-1


If we go the other direction and project into the future, we can gain insight on what is important to us right now and grasp the bigger picture a bit more clearly.  Imagine yourself five years from now.  What do you want your life to look like?  If you continue on the path you are on today, what will your life look like, and is that what you want?  What kinds of choices would you need to make in order to create the exact life you want to be living in five years time?  How about ten years or even twenty?  Please consider this series of questions in light of the Advisory, using the answers as reflections of present values as opposed to a map to future success.  By choosing to see happiness or fulfillment as something reached after a goal is achieved puts it out of our reach. 


What kinds of activities can you get lost in for hours, experiencing a state of flow?
What have you forgotten about yourself that you knew when you were a kid?
What do you want your life to look like in five years, and what choices will you need to make to create that reality?


Play for the sake of play- nurture the interests and pastimes that nurture you.
Consider the big picture of your life and how isolated choices do or do not play into the overall story.