You are 1 of about 8 Billion people on Earth. (fun 1, fun 2)
And there have been about 100 Billion people on earth in total. (fun 1, fun 2)

If we distilled every person into a hypothetical sample of 100 people, 22 would not have shelter from the wind and rain. (Here is a video of this thought experiment.)

There are common threads that tie us all together, and yet each one of us is unique in our own ways.

All of these people, and you are ONE.
A mighty one.
Who are you (now)?

Deeply considering oneself can present a challenging, mystifying experience for many. It is especially challenging to see oneself with less bias, and make visible more hidden ways of being/thinking.

The Discovery Cornerstone is all about considering and exploring ‘you’ . . .

The Assessment Center

The most comprehensive, integrated scientific assessment of well-being and flourishing on the web.
Over 50 main factors, and 200 subfactors, as desired.

Gain critical insight.

Mirrors and Lenses

What values do I hold dear?
What are my top 10 “me” stories?
Labels?  Fears?  Childhood?
Culture?  Family?  Personality?
Expression / Hobbies?

Explore those and much more here!

Growing and Developing Self

Where are “you” going, for now?  How might you dabble and play and adventure?
Reading, travel, courses, cultivated experiences, being intentional with feedback…?

Plot a journey!


Purpose is an intentional life aim that is personally meaningful, goal-oriented, and self-transcendent.  An extensive, detailed-yet-practical guide to applying meaning in one’s life.

Discover. Clarify. Explore. Build. Manage.

Your Storied Life

A practical breakdown that explores how our stories combine with reality to create our lived experience.

Your story. Your life. Choose powerfully.

Discovery / Exploration is one of the four Cornerstones of Meaning in our Models of Well-Being. And Meaning is the most important ingredient in a life well-lived.

Though Discovery can be meaningful in and of itself, a meaningful life cannot be built on it alone. It must be complemented by, and interwoven with, the other three Cornerstones: Love, Service, and Expression.

Discovery concerns not only introspection and the understanding of one’s self, but also the understanding of self in context. By questing to comprehend ourselves to a greater degree through exposure to the unknown and diligent self-reflection, we can connect with and live into multiple ways of being that feel meaningful to us.

Several topics, each linked below, fall under the umbrella of the Discovery Cornerstone.

The Assessment Center

The Assessment Center, a companion web app, is an invaluable tool to accompany your learning on this site. It provides the most comprehensive, integrated, scientific assessment of well-being and flourishing on the web.

If you are a Member, you will have full access to the Assessment Center:

  • Discover your Growth Profile: measure over 50 factors of well-being, all in one assessment
  • Learn which factors are your Strengths, Capabilities, and Growth Zones
  • Access the individual assessment for each factor, measuring each of any 50+ factors with high specificity

Most subjects found on this site pertain to a factor for which there is a detailed assessment available to members.

Discovery, for example, is one factor, and taking its assessment offers insight on detailed subfactors:

  • Values
  • Contemplative Self
  • Openness
  • Intellect
  • Unconventional Thinking
  • Ideation
  • Anti-discovery
  • Developing Self
  • Learning
  • Aesthetics
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity

Some subfactors even measure sub-subfactors, for extra-detailed insight!

There are also a few—shorter and less-detailed—assessments you can take now, for free!

1-Minute Quiz

A quick check-in.

5-Minute Quiz

Find more direction.

25-Minute Quiz

A quality overview of what may interest you on the site.

Mirrors and Lenses

Mirrors reflect, at times imperfectly, and lenses focus and reveal.

Through your own exploration, and with the help of others, you can more thoroughly and intentionally excavate and craft yourself.
Who are you?
Who shall you become?

Some explorations, examinations, and personal-course charting include . . .

  • Values — creatively and diversely explored and considered
  • Identity — your origin stories, “me” stories, labels, fears, failures, childhood, and more
  • Culture — neighborhood, city, country, friends, family, neighborhood, . . .
  • Professional — resume/vitae, “bliss map,” leadership of self, . . .
  • Interrogatory — numerous categorized, diverse, incisive questions to poke around your world
  • Etheric — morality and spirituality (or not)
  • You in the world — how others experience your strengths, challenges, opportunities, biases, personas, and more
  • Personality — explore the “Big Five” and other measures of your orientations and proclivities
  • Expression — hobbies, pastimes, play, quirkiness, your go-to (and want to go-to) choices, service, and more

Come play with the possibility of ‘you!’

Growing and Developing Self

Where are ‘you’ going, for now?  How might you dabble and play and adventure?

With breath in your lungs, gusto in your heart, wings on your feet, a sparkle in your eye, an open mind, and butterflies in your stomach, you’re ready to go!

Perhaps you will travel, and with intentional means to soak up your experience buffet.
Perhaps you will take some specific courses that tickle, entreat, inspire, inform, and amaze.
Perhaps you will discover some new reads, and videos/movies.

You will encounter orientations toward feedback—receiving and acquiring—that provide vistas both new and familiar.

Embrace the journey!


Purpose is an intentional life aim that is personally meaningful, goal-oriented, and self-transcendent. Sounds simple? Easy?

The pages on purpose are an extensive, detailed-yet-practical guide to applying meaning in one’s life. By reading through the section you will:

  • Clarify your priorities by understanding your values and use them to design a life you love that is uniquely fit for you.
  • Design both mental AND actionable experiments to learn what makes you come truly alive.
  • Figure out if you should quit your job, stay there, or craft something powerfully in between.
  • Discover the beliefs that hold you back from experiencing greater purpose and passion.
  • Learn how your culture has contributed to what you believe is possible or right for your life.
  • Build resilience by harnessing the powers of challenge and “failure” on your purpose journey.
  • Manage multiple passions, interests, and purposes.
  • Continue to take action, set attainable goals, and persevere towards your dreams.

Throughout the reading, you’ll find many printable practices, exercises, and other resources. Go check it out!

Your Storied Life

Who are you? What do you believe? What really just happened?

Your Storied Life is a philosophical breakdown that explores how our stories combine with reality to create our lived experience.

The pages on YSL explore in detail the building blocks of perception and life:

  • What’s a story? – the framework of YSL
  • Where do they come from, and where do they exist? – the Story of Stories
  • What is subjectively and objectively true? – breaking down reality.
  • Who am I, and who am I not? – the components of identity
  • Who might I become? – how to reinvent yourself
  • How might story help me get there? – practice and exercises

As with all subjects across this site, there are ample printouts and resources to accompany your learning.