To This Day!


“When we’re in love, we’re also kind of sad.” All of this, everything we know, is impermanent. Check out Shots of Awe on youtube.

A project from RadioLab, the greatest podcast ever, showing a montage of moments. What is a ‘moment’?

Count Your Blessings – A motivational poem that puts things into perspective.

A video showing the astounding strength and agility of an 86-year-old gymnast.

A very motivational video made from Jim Carrey’s graduation speech. “Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.”

A trailer for an excellent movie that praises the majesty of life and all existence.
We have an entire list of movie recommendations here.

Sam Harris on the Meaning of Life. A 6-minute excerpt about life, death, and the present moment.

A very motivational speech from Admiral McRaven, on just about everything.

A “seize the day” motivational video featuring speeches set to dramatic movie clips.


It’s not the number of breaths…it’s what takes your breath away

If you had 10 minutes left to live, how would you design that time? With family/friends? Seeking thrills? Why? Now try varying this length of time.

Enjoy Life. It’s not a rehearsal. – Amy Meyer

It is so easy to waste our lives: our days, our hours, our minutes. It is so easy to take for granted the pale new growth on an evergreen, the sheen of the limestone on Fifth Avenue, the color of our kids’ eyes, the way the melody in a symphony rises and falls and disappears and rises again. It is so easy to exist instead of live. Unless you know there is a clock ticking. – Anna Quindlen – A Short Guide to a Happy Life

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” — Abraham Lincoln

Enjoy this original rap from a friend of this website about living a life of intention and awareness: