These songs will put you in a ponderous mood.

At the least, they will give you catchy phrases to remember during challenging times.

Expression / Wonder

Emeli Sanz – Wonder

A beautiful and artistic video with lyrics of inspiration.

Owl City – Fireflies

A feel-good song full of imagination

Peter Paul & Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon

Let the nostalgia sink in.

The Byrds – To Everything There is a Season

There is a time and a place for everything. What time is it?

Lenka – The Show

“I’ve got to let it go and just enjoy the show”

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

“Rise up this morning, smiled at the rising sun. Three little birds, each by my doorstep, singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true.”

Gene Wilder – Pure Imagination

The classical inspirational song from Willy Wonka himself.

Brave – Touch the Sky

Chase the wind and touch the sky!

Kermit the Frog – Rainbow Connection

His great frogginess says it the best.

Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World

The classic song of gratitude and awe sung by the man himself.

Zach Sobiech – Clouds

A terminally ill man’s song about hope, struggle, and gratitude.

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