A fabulous music video of basic life wisdom, given in the format of ‘no-frills’ advice to younger people from a non-plussed elder.

The intro to “Joe Vs. The Volcano”, this is a montage showing the drudgery of daily life in a dystopian future-present.

Tom Hanks plays a man who wakes up to a new life: a life free of fear.

Monty Python’s “The Universe Expanding” reminds us of our comforting insignificance.

Live Organ Transplants, via Monty Python

Siri’s answers to asking “What’s the meaning of life?”

Lego Movie – how to be happy instruction book

The Meaning of Life, by Don Hertzfeldt

Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’ the animated movie. A satire of New Age thought.


An Indian-American man pretends to be a guru and attracts following in Arizona, laying bare our western fascination with Eastern mysticism.

37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old – A silly list of animated gifs, nevertheless thought-provoking.