Like the other pages in our mood section, this page intends to lend perspective, stoke curiosity, and serve you when you’re in the mood to think about life. Go through these pages, and you’ll learn fascinating things along the way.

One such medium of perspective is human history.

It’s easy to forget, especially in Western cultures where there is so much consideration on the individual, that we are a product of immense history.
Our cultures, traditions, language, and therefore even the way we think is a product of a vast interpersonal evolution. Over the millennia, our species has grown elaborately. We’ve adorned ourselves with an active prefrontal cortex. We’ve adorned ourselves with industry, tools, and processes beyond our comprehension.

This is the world we live in every day. And we take it for granted.

Check out all of Crash Courses playlists. We love them.

The above video, by Crash Course, is our favorite take on history we’ve found online. The course is phenomenally produced, well-researched, hilarious, and deeply insightful / educational. The same can be said of all of the courses offered on their channel. And they’re all free!

Give the video a watch, and if you’re inclined to learn about history, watch the whole course on World History.


The following are some fun infographics from across the web. Click each one to see a larger version, or follow the link to view their original source.

The Histomap

A timeless infrographic from 1931 by John B. Sparks. Here’s a Fast Company article about it. Click for the full, uncropped version (it’s tall).


It’s been said that human history is a story of Empires. This infographic from Just The Flight resonates that outlook.

The Richest Humans in History

A fascinated look at the wealthiest (with adjustment for inflation) people who’ve ever lived. From Visual Capitalist.

A History of Communication

How far we’ve come recently! This one from Randy Krum concisely shows the transformation of communication over the last century.

If Human History Were an 800-Page Book

A visual representation of just how much of human history is as hunter-gatherers. A brilliant graphic, as always, from Wait But Why.

More infographics

MIscellaneous Links

On the Changing Values of Culture


  • Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell applies his world-class authorship to interesting takes on history
  • Hardcore History – Dan Carlin gives history lessons that cut through the myths and misconceptions
  • The Memory Palace – Excellent storytelling about the past.
  • In Our Time – BBC’s enticing look at historical events and how they relate to the present.
  • Revolutions – What can’t we learn from them? Luckily, there’s a podcast about them!

YouTube Channels

  • Crash Course – Maybe the greatest youtube channel in existence. 🙂 We’re partial to it.
  • The History Channel – Like watching the history channel, but you can choose not to watch the garbage!
  • Alternate History Hub – What if (insert major historical event here) never happened?
  • Simple History – Fun and easy animated accounts of history.
  • Oversimplified – Good for overviews and big pictures of historical events.
  • History Buffs – Fun and campy animated history lessons.
  • Timeline – A collection of long, detailed documentaries about history.


A humorous and detached account of history

The world we live in seems normal for a human. Actually, it’s anything but that.

From Crash Course’s Big History course.

An awesome overview from Khan Academy

See the formation of countries year by year.

An interesting idea to shift how we look at history.

Hollywood Does History

Some of our favorite movies about historical events.
Here and here are some lists of more historical movies.


Historical Overviews

If we were only recommending one book here, this would be it. (The book is now called ‘Sapiens’)

Case Studies

Not about history, but a historical book.

On Our Future

A follow-up to Sapiens

Bonus: a short story of Hope.

This snippet from The Week summarizes a book about hope in human history.