A gallery: All of our Original Artwork

We love models, metaphor, graphics, and visual aids. So we’ve commissioned a fair amount for various sections of the site.
You can click a piece of art to see it in context, learn about about what it represents, etc.


We offer a lot of models throughout the site. Some are our own, and others are common across fields of psychology. You can learn more about our 3 main models here.

The Bliss Map

Our Bliss Map page explains how to find optimal work for you. You’ll find a description of this powerful visual, including an interactive version, and extensive breakdowns.

This is a warm and inviting visual map to our Happiness Section. There, you can learn about the 4 Types of happiness, it’s difference to Joy, and more.

Our main model highlights the 4 Cornerstones of Meaning, putting into perspective the difference between Meaning OF (think spiritual traditions) vs. Meaning IN life. It also lists the Enablers of living well. These are the skills we hone throughout life.

Site Navigation

These illustrations offer ways of navigating around the site.

This image of a pathway represents the most crucial areas to visit on this website. On this page, you’ll find the image with clickable elements, along with other ways to utilize this most-resourceful website.

This illustration of a Body is a metaphor for the website. Visit the page, and you can click around on the image to navigate the site.

The 4 Happiness Types

Type 1 is Ephemeral Pleasures. You can learn all about this happiness “Type” HERE.

Type 2 is Engagement / Flow. Learn more about this happiness type HERE.

Type 3 is Perspective. Learn more and prepare to set your mind HERE.

Type 4 is what this site’s all about: Meaning and Purpose. See a breakdown here.


These two illustrations provide a visual metaphor as a mental and navigation aid for the many powerful tools of perspective. Click either of them to see them on their original page, where you can click around on each full-sized image to go to respective pages on the site.

Notable Pages and Sections

Self-Care is an aspect of Adulting that we cover in order to help you be the best you. One of many Enablers of living well, it will help you live your best life.

town of challenge

Challenge is like a varied landscape. And it’s your oyster. This visual conveys the multifaceted aspects of challenge. Check out the section for more.

As we understanding of life becomes more refined, we see more detail.

This image symbolizes the Levels of Consideration on the big questions of life. As we grow wiser, our view of the landscape of life become more detailed.


Click each infographic to see its full-sized version.

Our infographic in The Science of Meaning puts on display some of the many recent findings in Positive Psychology research about meaning in life. Visit ‘Why Meaning?‘ for a quick, layperson explanation of the importance of meaning in life.


One of our many tools for understanding fear, this card is a handy pocket guide for dealing with life’s more powerful hindrance to living well.

One of our many tools for understanding fear, this card is a handy pocket guide for dealing with life’s more powerful hindrance to living well.

This interactive, 20-sided die is on our Luck and Circumstance page, one of our several pages for getting you In the Mood to think about life. It is meant to illustrate the varying degrees of misfortune that can visit us in life.

This list visualizes the experience of loss. Our section on Grief, Loss, Death, and Dying provides step-by-step resources for the hard times in life.

This visual, and the 5 following it on our Happiness vs. Joy page, highlights the balance of pleasure and meaning. Meaning is more often overlooked, and both are important.

This visual is highlighted on our Happiness vs. Joy page. It represents the futility of some aspects of hedonic happiness.

These small homages are from our section on Couple Rituals. Part of our extensive section on Love, these rituals are fodder for you to secure romance into your relationships on the day-to-day.

This whiteboard video from our homepage lays out the primary model of meaning on the site. If you haven’t already, definitely give it a watch.

This video gives an overview of the concept of Your Storied Life. Check out the section for a life-changing outlook on our reality.