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We provide tools to empower meaningful, optimal living.
Science-based Wisdom, Models, and Resources to develop your answers to life’s biggest questions.
This site does not advocate any particular spiritual (or non) tradition.

A 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit (NGO), unaffiliated organization
Directed by PhD Psychologist, Claremont Graduate University


This website — its models, collections, and presentation — are a project of Dr. Randall Grayson.

The contents and ideas here are a culmination of his:

  • 25 years of professional psychology, focus on human development
  • 1000+ books on human development, and meaning/purpose/happiness
  • Level 2 (of 3) certified in the Gottman Method
  • Countless journal articles / dozens of workshops and professional trainings, post doctorate
  • 3000+ people interviewed about themselves and their meaning; teens to 90+, dozens of countries
  • Reading over 130 magazines per year, mostly from subscriptions, and some random retail shelf picks as well
  • Reading dozens of blogs each month
  • Daily, intentional, lived-experience with dozens of adults and children
  • WORKING on meaning and happiness

One of the many pieces of original artwork on the site, giving rich metaphor.

The Story of the Site

A note from Dr. Grayson:

“In the 8th grade, I wrote a paper called “Psyched Out by Psychology.”  That title referred to the 14 more years of education ahead of me to obtain a doctorate.  I persisted as the inner, social, and existential lives of humans continued to fascinate me.

About 20 years ago, I began asking people from all walks of life and countries what made their lives meaningful, and what was a life well-lived.  Working intensely, often residentially, with thousands of adults and even more children, my theoretical and grounded research became rooted in experience.

When my children were born and my father died in short succession, I began the process of putting together the structure and content of this website:

  • an honoring of my father’s work and life
  • a guide/gift to my children
  • the guide I wish I had while growing up, and through adulthood
  • and hopefully a service to humanity

The journey of creating this website lasted nearly a decade, and continues to this day.
I hope that these science-based meta-frameworks, ideas, practices, and worksheets enable you to:

  • Frame and understand your experience of life
  • Organize your experiences
  • Inform your choices
  • and Bring meaning and purpose to your life

– Randy”

Some trivia about Dr. Grayson
  • I have never originated a text!  I’ve also never owned a cell phone.  That said, I am pretty guru-like in my tech knowledge, from hardware to software, and I send/receive about 100 e-mails a day.  I can physically and software build/repair any computer from scratch.
  • I broke my neck when I was 16 years old (C 4, 5, 6), and was completely quadriplegic.  It took about 18 months to largely recover; numerous limitations remain, although they would not be readily observable.
  • I used to deliver pizza, and was invited to be part of Wicca ceremony in the midst of one delivery.
  • I enjoy archery, broad-sword fighting (German tradition), native flute, balloon sculpture, and ferrets.
  • I worked as a cowboy on sheep ranch, a massage therapist, and a professional pillow fighter.
  • I enjoy haunted houses, but I have yet to find a really good one, so I create my own experiences.
See all of the original artwork on the site HERE.

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