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Understand and practice the most valuable skills for living a joyful, meaningful life.

Measure factors of well-being in your own life.
Uncover your Strengths and Growth Zones.

‘What is a life very well-lived?’

‘What are the qualities that make my life most worth living?’

‘Is this basically what life is like? My life? What is life?’

‘Looking back from the end of my life, what will I reflect on most fondly?’

‘What is ‘the’ meaning of life?’

‘When I really think about it, what truly matters to me?’

‘What top 10 qualities would you hope your children would have in their lives?’

‘Is life about being happy? Am I happy?’

‘Looking back from the end of my life, what will I reflect on most fondly?’

‘Does life have a purpose? What’s mine?’

‘Is life about being happy? Am I “happy?”‘

‘I AM ALIVE! (whoa, cool) Now what?!’

‘What lights you up? What stokes your fire? How/when do you come ALIVE?! How do your light and heat show up in (and for?) the world?’

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Understand and Practice

In 3 models, you can cover the basics of almost everything to do with happiness, meaning, flourishing, and living a joyful life.
Understand. Apply. Act.

The Bliss Map

Learn the nature of ‘work’ and how to get the most out of it.


Understand the broken concept, clarify myths, and learn the 4 Elements of Well-Being.

The Cornerstones

Learn the power of meaning in life and what contributes to it.

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The Power of Meaning

Check out this infographic to understand how meaning fundamentally contributes to a well-lived life.
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“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers.” – Carl Sagan